So my first English blog. That’s exiting! I really love to blog in Dutch because i think here in the Netherlands we missing a lot of Dutch content. So i don’t stop that but the Twitter Spaces we (me and Peter Rising) have every Wednesday is in English. So let’s try to make a blog in English this time.

Twitter Spaces is a space for everyone who want to join. Talk and share knowledge, have a discussion or just listening. Every week we have a new subject and ask the community wat the want next week.

The last episode we talking about the Human side of IT. It was nice to talk about wellbeing, workstress and life balance. When you want to know more you can find the recording here.

This week we want to talk about also a verry important topic imposter syndrome. I need to say.. This is new for me. Heard about it off course. But don’t know exactly what it is. Until I started preparing myself for the next Twitter Spaces. I really think it’s important that we are talking about the human side. Sharing knowledge about lessons we have learned and ask others questions to help. What does imposter syndrome have to do with IT? Everything!

Specially when people are new in the tech industry and have a different professional backgrounds it can be difficult to be one of them. People can believe that they are not worthy enough, that their achievements aren’t good enough, and that they’re fooling people into thinking they’re someone that they’re not. You will most likely become very worried about your position and performance which can lead to high amounts of stress and even burnout from working too much.

We’re all human! And nobody should expect perfection from you all the time!

You can find the URL here and set up a reminder to join. Let’s talk or listen and help your friends from the community!

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